PS5 compatibility - SATA to USB Adapter 3.1 EC-SS31

  • Hello, I'm using the Sabrent USB Adapter 3.1 EC-SS31 to connect my SSDs to my PS5 (latest firmware 22.02-06.02.00). However, the SSDs get constantly disconnected and data corrupted. I used a Samsung 870 EVO 2 TB and Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB with the same result. Something strange is that if I connect a mechanical HDDs instead of SSD, the PS5 works fine. I have used the same adapter in my PC without any issues.

    Do you know of compatibility issues of the adapter with the PS5? Is there any firmware update for the adapter?

  • @Robert Pande I will pass this onto our team. The EC-SS31 can or has used multiple chipsets. It may be possible to identify which with something like USB Device Tree Viewer. Some of these may have firmware updates available, although none should be necessary for normal operation so it may be a PS5-specific issue.

  • Hi, the chipset is VL715 (Via Labs)

  • @Robert Pande That makes sense; we also use the VL715/VL716 in this product. I will pass that along as we do test on PS5s. I am not aware of a firmware update for the VL715. I have done some research on this issue, however, and it seems a few enclosures have problems with the PS5 "rest" mode. Is it possibly related to that?

  • @Sabrent @Robert Pande any luck or progress regarding this problem? I have the same experience using a EC-SSHD SATA to USB adapter. I tested it on a 4 different PS5's and the attached SSD (870QVO) gets connected on one, and on two others it connects/disconnects, and one of them it's not even recognized. It's not related to the PS5 rest mode.

    The updater for the JMS583 chipset doesn't recognize the EC-SSHD: "cannot find any supported Sabrent devices"

  • @Romuald van Velde If the update is not detected the device, special firmware from customer service may be required.

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