Specific PID/VID for CB-DB9P usb-2-serial cable

  • Hello,

    we have some specific device that only recognize a specifc PID/VID for a USB-2-Serial cable 067B / 2303.

    Is it possible to order cable with this specificity ?

    Have a nice day.


  • @laurent.decool For RS-232 support it does of course require a chipset/UART in the cable. We do have two cables, CB-FTDI and SBT-FTDI, that specific a FTDI chipset, which is the FT232RL. Our other cables, the CB-RS232 and CB-DB9P, were designed with the Prolific PL2303, TA and GS respectively.

    I will pass your question on to the team to see about VID/PID, although I believe this has to be programmed in EEPROM by the chipset vendor with a special tool. FTDI offers the FT_PROG on their website. Prolific uses the Prolific EEPROM Writer or EEWriter which you must request from them. It may be possible to get the EEWriter from elsewhere, but that is not officially supported.

    Verify the chipset in any cable you use before proceeding.

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