DS-2BCR Set up Correct?

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    I just purchased Dual Docking Station with Card Readers DS-2BCR and 2 new WD Blue 6TB drives.  Installed drives and set DIP switches for Raid1 before attaching and powering on. Somehow managed to format and set up with Windows 10 and didn't need (?) to use the Sabrent Raid Assistant Software (?).  Was I supposed to use the Sabrent Assistant and start with the Raid 0 settings??

    This all looks and sounds good but my concern is that Windows shows it as ONE hard drive with 6TB. How do I know both HD's are healthy? Both blue lights come on during operation, but what if one HD fails? 

    How do I know which one? Will windows somehow know?

    Also, if one does fail, how do you install and get data to copy over? What I mean is, how do you get the unit to mirror the data to new hard drive. My concern is that it will mirror the Blank drive to the old full drive, thus erasing everything.

    I wish there was more documentation/support on this model (DS-2BCR). Can't find any posts or YouTube videos on THIS unit.

  • @Joe Salvino The DS-2BCR has an ASMedia chipset with a hardware RAID engine which is different than software RAID. RAID-1 will show as a single volume as the drives are in a mirrored set. They may be listed separately in health monitoring software like Hard Disk Sentinel or possibly in Device Manager. You can test the mirror by detaching one of the drives as they should be standalone. The DS-2BCR should be using the ASMedia ASM1352R which details the Hydratek features at the bottom of its page. I will double-check on this with the team, though.

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