EC-DFLT Trouble

  • I have had trouble with this docking station since I purchased it. It runs the hard drive for a few minutes then stops reading it. If I am in the middle of a transfer it stops and I have to restart the docking station. If the hard drive is not being read from, but the docking is still pluged in, the file explorer in windows stops recognizing the drive.

    I tried a frimware update, but the provided application says it can't find a compatible device, even though the software/app has the EC-DFLT as supported.

    What is going on? What is the fix?

  • @Leonard Canavan In that case it sounds like a bad unit, so I would suggest an RMA from support if you cannot get a replacement through the vendor.

    The firmware updater is designed for a specific chipset but some of our older stock may use a different one. This may be able to be checked with something like USB Device Tree Viewer. Support may have a firmware file for your variant.

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