M.2 Dock w/ Offline Cloning (EC-SSD2 Revision)

  • I would really appreciate an upgraded version of the EC-SSD2 that supports all current storage standards that use the m.2 interface and offers offline cloning between any drives it supports.  That would be M Key, B+M Key, and B Key and PCIe (NVMe AND AHCI) & SATA at least (since those are the mose common currently).  Supporting the 110mm length would also be great, but those are much less common.

    I know that the m.2 interface standard has been adopted for storage using PCIe via NVMe, PCIe via AHCI, SATA, and likely even SAS and other more esoteric standards; and I know that m.2 also just had a new PHY approved (I can't recall the exact size, but I want to say 25mm or 30mm width) so I would HOPE your product designers are already working on the next model anyway.  Even if it had DIP Switches that the user had to set to inform the device what each connected drive utilized and the offline cloning function was limited to SATA III speeds, it would be an option over what is currently on the market. 

  • @Steve We either have or will have cloners that can handle multiple protocols. We have products like this on the way. The only protocol exception may be for PCIe AHCI drives which is typically not supported. An example of that would be the RTL9210B chipset which we use in several products which does not support PCIe AHCI SSDs, but does support SATA AHCI and PCIe NVMe.

  • I eagerly anticipate the official announcement.

  • Is there cloning software from Sabrent to use to clone their drives?

  • @darylzero46 https://downloads.sabrent.com/product/acronis-true-image-for-sabrent/

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