EC-DFLT power plug / supply needed

  • the 12V power plug left the building. What is the proper power plug to replace it with

    I looked online and in images saw 12V 2A power supplies. I this right?


  • @maria mueller The official rating is 12V at 2000mA (2A) with inner/outer diameters of 2.1/5.5mm.

  • This is actually a good question, because I foresee a possible situation when mine leaves the building too - possibly because of capacitor wear due to being plugged in all the time. Is there a way to buy a new "official" power supply maybe? Or a different type plug for it (US/EU).

  • @mad-jester We do not sell an official one currently but may replace a failure if the device is under warranty. A replacement from third party sellers with the appropriate specifications will also work.

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