• Just tears me up that a person pays a high price for a product and gets hung out to dry.

      Can sabrent not send a couple screws with the nvme, or maybe the mb mfg people include them.

      That's the way of the world these days. I'd rather do business with those who knows who pays the bills.

  • Hello Howard,

    Unfortunately, we do not provide M.2 screws with our SSDs at this time. The majority of SSDs in the market ship without screws as the screw size needed will vary depending on the device used. Additionally, many new boards and adapters include screw-less installation mechanisms rendering the inclusion of a screw useless.

    Motherboard manufacturers include the screws and standoffs that accompany their M.2 slots. If you did not have the proper hardware to install an SSD into your system, then you should reach out to your motherboard vendor or system builder that you purchased your system from. They will send you the proper hardware needed for your specific system to complete the installation. 

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