Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are leading the way in business and other ventures by streamlining, automating, and improving both repetitive tasks and daily interactions. This can include everything from conversational AI for technical support to the analysis of metadata to improve user experience with services. Generally this involves pattern recognition and modeling to log and test data to derive deeper insights than would otherwise be possible, and do so in a relatively rapid manner as data points change over time.

This type of technology is even used within solid state storage to intelligently predict optimal pathways for performance and endurance for a specific drive’s hardware. This is necessary because there is natural variability with flash dies and even the layers within a single die. That is just one example - there are endless ways to harness AI and ML technology to improve your projects. A currently popular application is to use AI to generate images based on a user's input phrase. There’s also ways to animate and change faces, or create Deep Fakes, with some of the code being open source

However, to get the best performance out of your modeling it is important to have the right storage. This technology can be latency-dependent in some cases and bandwidth-dependent in others. Performance consistency is also important. Fast storage helps alleviate at least one bottleneck. SSDs are the only way to go, and in particular NVMe SSDs with high levels or performance - with DRAM, if possible - are ideal. We offer both internal and external options to help you dabble in your hobbies, for AI, data analytics, and content creation.