Memory Cards and Card Readers

Memory cards and card readers are the lifeblood of content creation. They are necessary components for anyone in the field for capturing photographs, videos, and more for later editing. Memory cards need to be fast, capacious, and reliable, while the readers must be compatible, portable, and rugged. We at Sabrent know this, which is why we introduced a series of card readers that meet all the criteria with elegant design principles. The slots are reinforced and the cable is integrated for maximum ease when traveling, and there's a different reader depending on the cards that you're using.

The first reader can actually handle two form factors of cards, both SD cards and microSD cards. We produce both with the SD cards in V60 and V90 along with A2 microSD cards. These types of cards are probably the most common and popular, used for a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, security cameras, and much more. Our dual-slot reader can handle both at even high speeds, using USB-C like the rest of the card reader series, including simultaneously.

The next reader is for CFexpress Type B cards which are physically larger than SD and microSD but offer resilience and very high speeds. We sell two lines of CFexpress Type B memory cards, an original and updated model in a variety of capacities. High-performance cards require consistent and sustained transfer speeds which can vary based on the quality of the content being recorded, which is why we have an updated model for the fastest needs. Type B cards can use NVMe technology and often their internal hardware is similar to robust SSDs.

The final two card readers are for CFexpress Type A and CFast 2.0 memory cards. These, like the other two readers, are designed to be simple and reliable. The USB-C connector works with all new devices to deliver high performance, and the overall design with integrated cable makes it simple to bundle one or more of these readers for wherever you go. The cool aesthetic makes it easy to identify the hardware and the construction is rugged and designed to dissipate heat so your memory cards are protected during sustained transfers.

We also sell other card readers and look forward to proving more memory card types to give you the best flexibility. We want it to be easy for you to explore and create without limitations or worry. Our card readers have been tested to work with Windows and macOS computers and many other devices, and our matching memory cards are made for the most popular models of digital cameras. Capture with confidence.

Make sure you are using the right card for your workload, and the right reader for that type of card. We have you covered - please check our product listings for full details on performance.