• Hi Team, 


    I have USB TYPE-C DUAL KVM SWITCH along with a macbook m1 pro and 2 desktop. When I'm trying to connect both of my monitor in an extended setup the second monitor is not detected and only work as a mirored display. Please help. thanks

  • @Rohit Shrishrimal The ability to output to multiple monitors depend on the chip used in the device as it needs to support MST.

  • Same problem here, no extended mode on Mac, only mirrored monitors is available. This is my setup:

    - Dell Latitude (Dual monitors in extended mode working fine)

    - MacBook Pro M1 Pro (Mirrored mode only on dual monitors)

    - 2 32" 2K monitors

    To have extended mode on MacBook I'm connecting thunderbolt cable to KVM Switch and hdmi cable to monitor, the only issue is that I have to switch the monitor input every time I switch from Mac to PC. It looks like it's a software problem so I hope it can be fixed soon.

  • @Lester B There's multiple possible issues depending on the nature of the hardware and setup. The M1/M2/M3 Apple silicon can only do one display per port unless TB is utilized for dual extended mode, and MST is required for two or more monitors. It's possible an issue with the USB-C KVM which could be solved with the TB4 KVM. 

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