10G adapter (TH-S3EA) setup on macOS

  • I require some basic setup information.

    When adding this to my system I see this in Network settings

    Thunderbolt Ethernet Slot 1 was also "Not connected" I had to edit its details to add a proper Static IP and Subnet mask.

    The question is about  the new service in "Other Services". Do we need to keep this or can it be deleted?

    Thunderbolt Bridge details show "Interface: Thunderbolt 2 inactive, Thunderbolt 1 inactive"

  • @John P I can have them test this in the office this upcoming week.

    Looking at that model, basically you need a Thunderbolt bridge like the Intel JHL6340 for the Ethernet chip, which is an Aquantia AQC107S, because there's not a single-chip solution for TB + 10GbE. So that is the "bridge" part, possibly only one should be listed but hopefully I can have our team check on-site.

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