Problems with EC-NVME

  • Hi I'm having trouble with sabrent EC-NVME enclosure connecting to usb-c 10gbps port. I used crucial 1tb t500 and it wont recognize the ssd even on USB-A 3.1. It only recognizes it on USB-A 2.0. I cloned using usb-a 2.0, that was a pain. Then I switched to a kingston 1tb nv2 but disconnects on USB-C port. I can only use it on usb-a 3.1. Enclosure was updated using sabrent firmware but still disconnects. I hope someone can help TIA!

  • @Gerry Please contact technical support to see if they have an additional updated firmware revision for you to try. You may also find updated firmware on Station Drivers for the chipset, which should be the RTL9210B. If you decide to go that latter route, please read here for full information. If possible, also try the enclosure on another system to verify your issues.

  • @Sabrent hi thanks for the reply but I think you've mistaken the model. It's the EC-NVME one which has the jmicron controller. I've already tested this on 2 desktops.

  • @Gerry The linked thread covers JMicron bridge chips as well. However, it's best to contact technical support to get the right firmware, thanks!

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