Sabrent Rocket Control Panel v1.01b - Unable to download updates from web.

  • How does anyone update their Rocket M.2 NVMe firmware when this utility is as much use as a chocolate fireguard?


    TL;DR - Has Sabrent lost control/ownership of the update website at ?


    I have several SB-ROCKET-1TB & 2TB with different firmware versions and no matter which I try, Sabrent Rocket Control Panel (SRCP) all report as "Latest Firmware Installed"

    SRCP - Latest Firmware Installed


    When I try to check for an update to the SRCP application I get a "Connection Error"

    SRCP - Connection Error


    I don't have any outbound firewall rules that would block normal http/https traffic, so I ran a packet capture of the traffic from the SRCP application and it is connecting to a remote server over http - it's just not getting a valid response.

    SRCP - Packet Capture 1

    SRCP - Packet Capture 2


    When you run a reverse lookup of the DNS from the IP, the response is NOT but

    PING to


    So, has Sabrent lost control of this web server?

    Is the "Latest Firmware Installed" message just a default/failback if SRCP cannot actually complete a check online?


    I don't understand why they cannot just make the firmware available for download like other companies and have a utility that uploads a local file. They are trying to be too cleaver and failing!


    Has any one actually ever updated their SB-ROCKET firmware ?





  • @Sabrent Any thoughts/comments? What is going on here? Thanks.

  • @mc1903 The IP was hardcoded at one point and never adjusted for certain drives that saw no more firmware updates. I appreciate the amount of time you spent zeroing in on this and will pass it on.

  • @Sabrent Thank you.

    Please could you put the firmware & xml control files for the SB-ROCKET-1TB and SB-ROCKET-2TB somewhere like GitHub or similar?

    I have RKT303.4, RKT343.2 & RKT343.4 running on my devices and would like to get them all upgraded to the latest firmware.



  • @mc1903 I am passing this information on now.

  • I also have this issue. Can't download the firmware anywhere.

    I can see other threads with the same issue which are already 3 years old where you always repeat yourself with "I am passing this information on now". That seems to be a straight-up lie. Please do something about it urgently!

  • The first time I saw this thread was back in 2022, minimum 2 years ago. It is not from January 2024.

    In the last two years has there been any fix for the problem stated by the creator of this topic?

    The issue still exists as of 2024.03.30


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