40Gbps USB4 NVMe Enclosure

  • USB4 40Gbps enclosures have been out for a while. Brands like Orico and Acasis have models on the market since 2021.

    Satechi just announced their own version. When will Sabrent join this fight? I'd like to see a design similar to the current Thunderbolt 3 enclosure, tool free and solid aluminum build. 

    Sabrent has the best design, I love the nvme locking lever in all-metal. Also, please put the status led on the opposite side of the cable, otherwise it never faces the front side.


  • @Dan M We are and have been interested in providing such a product. Your feedback has been passed on!

  • Any news on this? Any interest in bringing this product to life? It would sell out fast.

  • @Dan M Still a ways off, unfortunately, may have a more certain date soon.

  • @Sabrent 


    Any updates? More brands are releasing their USB4 enclosures this fall, how's Sabrent doing?

  • @Dan M A 20Gbps enclosure from us is imminent. 40Gbps is taking longer because we've found many drives run too hot and we want to get it right.

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