Sabrent USB Docking station does not recognize external monitor

  • Hello,

    I have a newly purchased "Sabrent USB-C DUAL 4K UNI DOCK STN w/USB-C PWR"

    When connected to my Dell XPS17 laptop via the USB-C-PD port, I can see both of my external SSD drives, along with my USB-c camera.

    However, when I connect an external monitor through either of the HDMI ports on the docking station, the monitor is not seen.  As a sanity check, I can see the same monitor if I connect it directly to the laptop.

    I'm running Windows 10, current updates.

    Hoping you can help, I actually have two external monitors I hope to support.  These would simply mirror what's on the laptop, not being used as extensions.


  • @Jerry Levin Please see if the updated driver linked in my other reply helps at all.

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