A Brief on Portable SSDs

Sometimes you just need storage to go! Those who travel a lot or create content in the field often rely upon portable storage. SD and CFexpress cards usually work best for content capturing devices, but sometimes you need something with higher capacity and speed that won’t break the bank. It’s possible to buy either portable SSDs that come ready to go, or to buy SSDs and enclosures separately to make your own portable storage.

Portable SSDs are usually a SSD internally, for example a typical M.2 NVMe drive, coupled with a bridge chip. Bridge chips help translate between the internal SSD’s protocol and the host - for Thunderbolt or USB. Newer SSDs can instead have the SSD controller and the bridge chip all-in-one: these are embedded or hybrid designs. Hybrid portable SSDs can be smaller and more power efficient but do not allow replacement of individual components.

Portable SSD Configuration

Portable SSDs: with and without a Bridge Chip

We offer portable SSDs of all types, even in docks, plus enclosures to help you put your own drive inside. While these have bridge chips, we will also offer portable SSDs using a streamlined, hybrid design. For content creators, consistency of performance - specifically, write performance - can be critical. We test certain drives to make sure they meet the given criteria. So whatever your needs may be, we have you covered.

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