Has SB-TB4K KVM Switch upgraded firmware since introduction?

  • There are some reviews on Amazon and B&H Photo saying

    Thunderbolt 4 KVM Switch has fried MacBook and Mac Thunderbolt ports and motherboards.  Others says the unit has overheated even in rooms at 70F.

    I like to (safely) use this KVM switch with my Apple Pro Display 6K Display with a 2019 Intel Mac Pro and a 2023 M3 Max MacBook Pro.

    Please advise.


  • @Paul Chiu We applied a fix for uncertified devices and that's the unit sold today. If your devices are Thunderbolt-certified, there was never an issue. The units can get quite warm but operate normally in a normal, open air room.

  • @Sabrent Would the 2019 Apple Pro Display XDR be Thunderbolt-certified and safe to use with the SB-TB4K?

    It has one Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port, which connects to the Mac end.



    Also, are these upgraded units ready to ship and ETA to New York City?

  • @Paul Chiu This list is a good place to start but it doesn't list everything. However, it's my understanding that all Apple products are TB certified, but I will verify. If you do get the KVM I can check the SN for you. Everything we sell should be revised as a precaution.

  • Hey @sabrent.com could you please check if my docking station has the revised firmware applied? The serial number is 47786080301111.

  • @Andre Kay It is my understanding that the newer revisions starts at x1275

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