Created a ticket over a week ago, no response

  • My SSD died, created a RMA request over a week ago. No one is responding to me. I sent a second email, I tried calling but you close at 2pm pacific. Can someone please do something?

  • @Braheem Hazeem The only thing I see in our system for you is from last year. We didn't get a reply back. If you RMA'd from Amazon, that is separate from our site team.

  • @Sabrent I literally have an email from march 18th thanking me for my submission and you would get back to me as soon as possible. 

  • @Braheem Hazeem Actually, the ticket I have for your name is dated 10/18/2022. There's no tickets corresponding to the account used to post here. I'll need more information in order to narrow it down so I can locate the specific ticket.

  • I don't know what more information you need, my drive failed, and the warranty is about to expire in a couple weeks. The pc will reboot after a little while and just kick to the bios like there is no drive, and when I can get it to start to boot it gives me a blue screen with an error of unmountable drive. 

  • I just submitted another ticket, here is the screenshot

  • @Braheem Hazeem What I mean is, I haven't seen anything in the system under your username recently. The account used to post here also has no products or orders tied to it. I am having difficulty locating the ticket as I have nothing to go on aside from this forum account and your display name. Could you please provide the email used in the contact form? 

  • Well since your system is clearly broken and I showed you the screenshot that I did indeed submit a ticket. I just called support. Luckily I had the day off since you close at 2pm pacific, cause apparently who cares about us on the west coast. Sabrent really needs to figure out why their system doesn't work. Here is another screenshot showing the submission recieved email I got last night when I put in another ticket that no one can find. It even shows my email.

  • @Braheem Hazeem You call yesterday is in the system and you should be taken care of with a replacement. We will investigate the ticket system issue, there are reasons it might not have gone through. Thank you for your feedback.

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