Sabrent RMA, replacement not arrived

  • I shipped a Sabrent Rocket Q 2TB M.2 on April 3rd (50€ to ship from Europe to US with garanteed delivery). On April 5th it was already delivered and on April 10th I get the tracking number for the shipment of the replacement part.

    After almost a month the parcel is not arrived. I got a reply that they don't have control of the shipping process yet they sent it with the cheapest option.

    I'm really disappointed by the long RMA process still not finished.

  • @Unmolded1589 I do not directly manage RMAs and would need more information to check on the progress, but contacting support should get you the information more quickly.

  • The RMA code is 140616013. I already contacted support and they replied that they are "currently actively working to verify the real status of the shipment" without any other update.

  • @Unmolded1589 Yep, I see it in the system. From what I can see we made an exception for your case due to how we handle international RMAs and your warranty date. Unfortunately, it seems the shipping company is running behind schedule. Thank you for your patience.

  • The "exception" is because I couldn't find the email which i registered the product, but I am still in the 5 year warranty. This doesn't mean you can take a month to get the replacement delivered. When I sent the faulty M.2, it arrived at destination in 5 days.

  • @Unmolded1589 Once it's in the hands of the shipping company it is up to courier services to be on time. They seem to be the cause of the delay, but we do apologize that it's taking so long.

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