Where can i find my registered produvts?

  • greetings,

    looks like that i'm not on a acutal status for the new hp from you.

    i bought in the past some nvme ssds and no i can't access my registered products.

    after i bought both nvme ssds i registered them to get the 5 years warranty and could access this page from time to time.

    did something change?

    thank you in advance.



  • @Jean-Phillipe Andergassen I have your name in our system, but will check into this to see about registered products. Thank you.

  • I have the same issue, I registered a bunch of drives, but can't find them under my name now?

  • @dawie.f.nel Thank you both for reporting this. I have sent the information in to see if this can be rectified.

  • For the time being, per-serial registration status should be discoverable here.

  • We have now implemented this as part of the product registration page for initial testing.

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