Firmware corrupted on SD card XC V60 II 256GB

  • Hi,

    I have 2 Sabrent XC V60 II 256GB SD cards and both got corrupted within 5 days of each other. I sent both SD cards out to data recovery services to try to repair it. They said the firmware is corrupted and would need the firmware files (BIN files) in order to repair the SD cards. 

    Any chance any one has access to the firmware files? I would really like to have these 2 SD cards repaired.

    These 2 cards were fresh and it was the first time I used them. There are a lot of images I want to recover from these 2 cards. 

    Please help. 




  • @Judy Fong Often it is difficult or impossible to retrieve data from modern memory devices. However, if the firmware files would help, you may be able to get this from one of our product managers. Please contact technical support with a full description of the product. Thank you.

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