DS-SC5B Keeps running even after PC is turned off?

  • Hi, I have a DS-SC5B 5-bay station and just wondering if it's normal for hard drives still running even after I turned off my PC power.

    After I turn off the PC at night, next morning when I touch the bay exterior, it's still bit warm, and when I calculated the Power on Hours on CrystalDiskInfo, the running hours actually have incresed during the night even with the PC power turned off.

    I can manually swith it off on the back of the station, but I'll need to turn on all of the hard drives by pressing individual power buttons all again which is bit annoying. haha

    So, is this normal, and is it safe for the hard drives running 24/7 even when the PC power is off?

  • @Kaizo Trap What's funny is that we had users wanting to keep drives from going to sleep! In usage that is apparently from an OS setting for power management. In some cases, there are also power settings in the BIOS/UEFI. In both cases, these might be USB-related.

    We have had users ask for drives to auto-power on, but this could cause issues in cases where power loss is intermittent. It's better to have a battery/UPS backup. Drives can run 24/7 and are often designed for power efficiency down to "parking" but it should be possible to have the drives sleep.

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