EC-DFLT sudden failure and troubleshooting

  • Started receiving Windows pings for a disconnected USB device this morning and found out it was the external dock for my HDD. Device would eventually reconnect a few moments afterwards, though I'm not sure if the device was cycling power on its own. After a while, it would disconnect again until eventually Windows threw an error that the USB device could no longer be recognized. When I attempt to power on the device now, the blue LED indicator is on but so dim that is only visible when viewed overhead.

    I've tried rebooting Windows and switching USB ports on my machine to no avail. I have also tried powering on the device while keeping the USB cable disconnected only to see the same blue LED pattern mentioned previously. Both the device and HDD inside are around 8 months old.

    Currently, I'm not sure what to interpret from the blue LED indicator. Whether I should test for drive failure, usb cable failure, power delivery, etc. The product is still within the 1 year warranty.

  • @z z Please contact technical support on the main website. The HDD is probably fine, it may be a device or power supply/adapter issue.

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