The Multi-Port USB Type-C Hub hub doesn't register with Windows when the laptop is restarted.

  • I have an HDMI monitor connected to the Multi-Port USB Type-C Hub, which is then connected to the USB C port on my laptop. When I plug it in, everything works fine.  However, if I restart the laptop, the monitor isn't on and it seems like the HUB isn't recognized.  Not until I unplug and replug the USB C cable.

    How can I fix it?  Is there a setting?  Driver?

  • Sorry about the delayed response, we're still adjusting to having a forum. We hope to bring tech support directly in here.

    I'm guessing it is our HB-TC6C model? More information about your hardware setup could be useful - system/model, specific hardware, OS, etc. I have asked a technician to review your post.

  • Yes, it's the model you mentioned.  The hardware is a dell laptop XPS 17 9710.  The dock only has a 1080p monitor connected to it. 

    I should mention that I replaced the dock with another one I have and it works perfectly.

  • Thank you for the additional information. May I ask which dock you are using that is working?

  • I actually misspoke.  I replaced the HB-TC6C with a USB C to HDMI adapter (not a usb hub/dock).  Similar to this, but a nameless brand (it has no markings on it that would tell me who made it).  Here is my current situation (or will be once I get HB-TC6C working).






  • Gotcha. Your adapter/dongle probably uses a different chipset than the HB-TC6C; we're trying to see if it's a configuration or compatibility issue through reproduction. I was asked if it works without the Dell dock.

  • @Sabrent I won't be back home till the weekend - I'll have the answer then. 

  • @Sabrent For whatever reason, the unit is back to working as expected.  Not sure what happened.  Perhaps it was the Windows update that did it.  Perhaps cosmic dust has blown away the problems.  Please consider the case closed.  If it pops up again, I'll holler.  Thanks for your responses.

  • Thank you for replying back. I'm glad to hear it. We'll still try to replicate the issue, Windows often does cause anomalies.

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